Your Protection is Our Business

FyTor Solutions International Ltd is an Irish registered company that specialises in the sourcing and distribution of Premium Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). We have partnered with trusted manufacturers and logistic solutions companies to guarantee that our range of PPE delivers the highest level of protection, meets the highest certification standards and more importantly, Fytor delivers PPE on time and fully intact. 

Fytor is dedicated to researching and sourcing new and disruptive Premium PPE solutions that will help protect your people, whilst also protecting the planet. Fytor will always procure and promote PPE products that are more environmentally friendly.

We know that our wide range of Premium Personal Protective Equipment will always exceed our customers expectations.  .

Our directing team consists of 3 key elements, sales, sourcing and legal/compliance.

With over 25 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, product sourcing, development, and legal expertise, our leadership team are the perfect partnership in sourcing, developing products, and delivering quality PPE.

We at Fytor Solutions International pride ourselves on the quality service we provide. Now, more than ever, there is a serious need for Quality, Environmentally friendly PPE. 

Our capable and proven team are here to assist you in providing products that guarantee. To Protect Your People.

Your Protection is Our Business